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Singapore - Asian food, temples and skyscapers

Hello all,

My stay in Singapore was great and I enjoyed exploring a new country. It's said that Singspore is an easy way to start travelling Asia because the culture isn't too different. I reckon that's true. Thanks to all the restrictions and fines everything works well and it's also clean everywhere. It was kinda hard to remember that you can't even drink or eat at train stations.

I landed in Friday afternoon and am going to fly out tonight so I had over three days time to explore which was enough for me. Even though I didn't plan anything in advance except putting dots on Google Maps I survived well and got to do everything I wanted. 

Singapore was extremely hot and humid and it didn't help that I flew here almost straight from NZ where I wore long pants and jackets. I do like warm weather but only if I'm not on holiday in big city and/or it's not so super humid. There were +40 degrees days in Australia as well but days like these meant laying on beach and swimming in the refreshing ocean. Well I'm sure I'll be complaining millions ans million times about the weather in Finland so maybe I should just be happy I got to have some warmth. 

I also ate lots and lots of Asian food and drank many different flavoured ice teas and fresh fruit juices. There is a big variety of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Malaysian etc. kitchens in Singapore because of the immigration. Mostly I ate street food because it is cheap, authentic and delicious but also cause you don't feel awkward to dine alone. Wish we had $6-10 meals and $2-4 fresh juices back home... And this is only Singspore, not super cheap Thailand or Bali etc.

In addition to eating I also did some sightseeing. I checked the view from Skypark's Observatorion deck, wandered around Little India, Arab Street and Chinatown, visited lots of temples and Mosques, saw beautiful and touching light show in Marina Bay and in Gardens of the Bay, spent an afternoon in Sentosa Island, visited Botanic Gardens, Gardens of the Bay and Fort Canning park, watched a dancing competition, did some shopping in Chinatown and in Orchad Road and just wandered around. 

Of all the places meant above my fav place was absolutely Chinatown. I ended up eating there quite a few times cause there were so many good options. One of the places I visited most in there was a fruit stall with all kind of fruits and juices with cheap price tags, yum! I'm super interested in world's religions so I was happy to got to visit Chinatown-area's many beautiful and colourful temples and there were even some religious ceremonies going on.

All in all Singapore was a nice experience. It was easy city where MRT-trains run often, everything was within a short train ride or walk, I felt safe even when it was dark and it was a great mixture of new and old. And for my surprise it was green. There were trees and plants everywhere and I heard there are some kind of rules about putting plants on roofs of the houses. I had a great time but I don't feel like I have to come back soon cause there are so many other places in Asia to explore. 

This was the end of my travels, 325 days on the other side of the world. It's the weirdest feeling to know that the next bed I'm going to sleep in is my own one back in Finland. I think I'm going to write something when I'm settled in Finland but otherwise bye all!


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